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BBM Mod: Windows Style Theme v2.9.0.51 Apk Free Sticker

Download BBM Mod: Windows Style Theme v2.9.0.51 Apk for Android Free Sticker - You will definitely get bored seeing the default display bbm (blackberry messenger), want to try a bbm with a different look to the others. You can use thebbm mod with Windows theme. BBM Display Windows Mod Style has a look that is simple yet very elegant, but that you can get a variety of features that you can not get for free on the official fuel as Sticker. By using BBM Mod Windows Themes friend can get a free sticker for fuel this mod has a backup feature sticker. please download and install the application of fuel Mod Windows themes for free. Before downloading you have to look at the features of this application are given:

BBM Mod Windows Style Theme v2.9.0.51 Apk Features:

  • New BBM Windows Logo
  • Move To SD CARD
  • Enter Key ON/OFF
  • Refresh BBM Windows
  • Update check
  • BBM Windows Lock
  • Post Image to Facebook
  • Free Sticker Enabled
  • BBM Windows Setting with Cover UI Animation
  • Full about redefiner
  • Change Font Style
  • Calendar
  • Windows logo blinking notification
  • Disclaimer with Cover UI Animation
  • Extended with Cover UI Animation
  • Auto Rotation
  • Autotext enabled
  • Block Read Status
  • Flexible Rounded Display Picture
  • Hide / Show Sponsore
  • Clone version
  • Cover UI Animation
  • Flate Material Design
  • All DPI Support

BBM Mod: Windows Style Theme Apk

BBM Mod: Windows Style Theme for Android

BBM Mod: Windows Style Theme Screenshot

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